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Per Mouritsen

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Per Mouritsen
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Current research areas:

Citizenship in Denmark and the theory and political sociology of citizenship generally. Citizenship aquisition, immigrant integration and integration policies in the Nordic countries and in North Western Europe. National identity and nationalism

Financed projects since 2000:

  • ‘When do children of immigrants thrive? How schooling and politics affect civic and educational outcomes’. (ASSISI). Director in Comparative (DK-SWE) project with 5 researchers from Department of Political Science Aarhus and 2 researchers from IMER/Malmö Högskala, 2016-19 (D.kr. 6,2 million).
  • GovCit - ‘Governing and Experiencing Citizenship in Multicultural Scandinavia’. National PI in comparative project (NO-SWE-DK), led by Institute for Social Research & PRIO, Norway,  Norwegian Research Council (VAM), 2015-19 (n.kr. 1,4 million)
  • ACT – ‘Active Citizenship in Culturally and Religiously Diverse Societies’. National PI in comparative project (NO-DK), led by PRIO in Oslo, Norwegian Research Council (SAMKUL), 2014-18 (n.kr 1,4 million)
  • ACCEPT PLURALISM: Tolerance, Pluralism and Social Cohesion: Responding to the Challenges of the 21st Century in Europe 2010-2012 (National PI in 17 partner comparative project under the EU seventh framework program,Theme SSH-2009 - 3.3.1, Tolerance and Cultural Diversity)
  • EMILIE - A European Approach to Multicultural Citizenship. Legal, Political and Educational Challenges 2005-9 (National PI in 9 partner comparative project under EU sixth framework program, priority 7, Citizens and Governance)
  • CiviTurn - Citizenship Integration in North-western Europe 2008-2011 (small 4-country comparative project with junior partners from the Netherlands, Germany and Britain, financed by Aarhus University’s Social Science faculty’s Globalisation initiative and the Sportgoods Foundation)
  • Danish Citizenship - Danish book project, financed by the Sportgoods Foundation (2009-12)
  • Danish Public Service Radio and TV on the Conditions of Journalism: Developments, Visions, Dilemmas, an interdisciplinary and inter-institutional project at Aarhus University (Political Science, Media Studies) and the Danish School of Journalism, 2006-2008, financed by the National Radio and TV-Council in Denmark.
  • Elite skepticism and conceptions of 'the people' in Danish EU-debate (part of Danish Social Science Research Council-project, 2003-6)

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