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Per Mouritsen

Associate Professor

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Postal address:
Bartholins Allé 7
1332, 212
Aarhus C


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1992: Cand.scient.pol. (B.A and M.A. in political science), Aarhus University
1990: M.A. Politics (distinction, BC-scholar), Warwick University
2001: PhD Social and Political Science, European University Institute, Florence

2016: Associate Professor (Political Science, Aarhus University)
2008: Professor MSO (Political Theory and Citizenship Studies) (Political Science, Aarhus University)
2002: Associate Professor (Political Science, Aarhus University)
1999: Assistant Professor (Political Science, University of Copenhagen)
2005: Founding Director of Centre for University Studies in Journalism (3 years) (Aarhus University)
2008: Visiting Fellow, Graduate School of Journalism, University of Berkeley (1½ months)
2003: Visiting Fellow, School of Politics, University of Sydney (6 months)
2000: Visiting Fellow, European University Institute, Florence (6 months)

Research areas:
The comparative political sociology, political theory, and history of ideas of citizenship in a wide sense. Comparative migration studies, particularly regarding the North European politics of civic integration, national identity, and ‘multiculturalism’, as well as the politics of secularism and Muslim integration. Welfare state studies. The political theory and politics of toleration and recognition. The history of ideas and political theory of republicanism and liberalism. The political thought of Hannah Arendt. History of the discipline of political theory. Methodology and historiography in the study of ideas. Concepts and practices of public service in national TV and radio broadcasting.

Recent and current funded projects (external & university):

‘When do children of immigrants thrive? How schooling and politics affect civic and educational outcomes’. Director in Comparative (DK-SWE) project with 5 researchers from Department of Political Science Aarhus and 2 researchers from IMER/Malmö Högskala. ( 6,2 million)

GovCit - ‘Governing and Experiencing Citizenship in Multicultural Scandinavia’. National PI in comparative project (NO-SWE-DK), led by Institute for Social Research & PRIO, Norway (Marta Bivand Erdal), Norwegian Research Council (VAM), 2015-19 ( 1,4 million)

ACT – ‘Active Citizenship in Culturally and Religiously Diverse Societies’. National PI in comparative project (NO-DK), led by PRIO in Oslo (Cindy Horst), Norwegian Research Council (SAMKUL), 2014-18 ( 1,4 million)

Accept Pluralism – ‘Tolerance, Pluralism and Social Cohesion: Responding to the Challenges of the 21st Century in Europe’. National PI in partner-country project under EU-FP7 program, 2010-13 (170.000 Euros)

‘Danish Citizenship’ – 24 months teaching release for individual book project on Danish citizenship + co-funding of ’Citizenship integration policies’ (below) (Sportgoods Foundation, 2008-10) ( 663.900)

’Citizenship integration policies in North Western European migration societies: Beyond national models? A comparative study of Britain, Germany, the Netherlands and Denmark’, 2008-10 (Director) (Aarhus University Faculty of Social Sciences’ programme on ‘Globalisation’) ( 640.000)

EMILIE – ‘A European Approach to Multicultural Citizenship. Legal, Political and Educational Challenges’. National PI in 9 partner-country project under EU-FP6 program, 2006-2009 (215.000 Euros)

‘Danish Public Service TV under Journalism Conditions: Developments, Visions, dilemmas’ (The Danish public radio and TV-board, 2006-8) Director ( 1,3 million)

‘Denmark in Europe and Europe in Denmark’ (Danish Social Science Research Council), six months teaching release in collective project

‘Public Debate on Republicanism and Multiculturalism in Australia. (Personal travel/research grant Danish Social Science Research Council 2003-4)

‘Cultural Meetings and Communities’ (Danish Research Councils for the Humanities and Social Sciences, 2000-2003), six months teaching release in collective project.

Research network ‘Political Theory in Denmark’ (Danish Social Science Research Council 2003-5), six months personal teaching release (Director)

Director of research network Political Theory in Denmark (DK Social Science Research Council (SSF) 2003-5)

Co-director of research network “Equality and Pluralism” (SSF 2004-6)•Board member Center for the Study of Equality and Multiculturalism (2007-12)

Member of editorial board of Politica and Journalistica, editor-in-chief of Distinktion (2008-10)

Member of board of censurers for Danish political science & European studies, and Migration Studies degrees

Academic evaluation (last 7 years)

Member of the VAM program-board (Welfare, Working life and Migration) of the Norwegian Social Science Research Foundation 2012-

Chairman of many assessment committees in Denmark, Norway and Sweden for PhD-theses and at professorial, associate and assistant professor levels (as well as member of committees)

Member of the standing committee for appointment of the Willy Brandt Chair at IMER, Malmö University 2012-16

Regular reviewer for Norwegian Social Science Research Foundation (VAM, SAMKUL, FINNUT) and reviewer for other national research boards (Luxemburg x 3; the Netherlands x 1; Canada x 2; Sweden x 1), and NORFACE.

Academic reviewer for Ethnicities; Political Studies; Nordic Journal of Human Rights; Journal of Intercultural Studies; Ethnic and Racial Studies; Comparative Migration Studies; Studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism; Journal of Immigrant and Refugee Studies; Identities; Migration Studies; Nordidactica; Politik; Politica; Palgrave Macmillan, Manchester University Press

Academic consultancies:

The Open Society Foundation, At Home in Europe Programme, Marginalised Majority Populations with report, Danish stakeholder conference, and European conferences (2013-2014)

The Danish National Museum, Advisor/co-curator, and co-author of educational material, of exhibition ‘De hvide busser’ [The White Busses] – on the 1944-45 (Folke Bernadotte) Rescue operation of Scandinavian Concentration Camp Inmates, with a citizenship perspective

Norwegian Government, Committee on the Long Term Effects of High Immigration (Report)

Danish Ministry of Church Affairs (Committee on Parish Council Democracy)

The British Council and Migration Policy Group (MIPEX) (Country expert)

The Migration Policy Index (EUI/Robert Schumann Centre) (country expert/report)

Organisation of Workshops/conferences (as main or co-organiser) (not including small/internal workshops):

ECPR-workshop, ‘The Civic Turn in Northern European Immigrant Integration Policies’ (with Karin Borevi), at ECPR Joint Sessions of Workshops, 29 March-2 April, University of Warsaw,

’Byudvikling og boligsociale indsatser’, [Urban development and social policy in marginalised areas], Aarhus University (with Aarhus City Council and the Open Society Foundation, London), 19 November, 2014.

‘Boundaries of Tolerance in Denmark and Sweden – Can the Brother Peoples Learn Anything From Each Other’? Stakeholder conference in the ACCEPT Pluralism Project, Stockholm University, 18 February, 2013 (with University of Stockholm, Banlieues d’Europe and Levande Historie).

‘Tolerance i et pluralistisk samfund’ [Tolerance in a pluralist society], Opening Conference of the Danish ACCEPT Pluralism Project, Copenhagen Business School, 4 March, 2011,

‘Public Service - De 10 bud’ [Public Service – The ten commandments], Copenhagen Business School, 28 January, 2009.

‘Religion, Public Culture, and the New Immigration’, Aarhus University, 24-25 April 2008 (with Iseult Honohan).

‘Globalisation and the Political Theory of the Welfare State and Citizenship’, Aalborg University, 4-5 May, 2006 (with B. Siim, C. Fiig & L. Torpe)

‘Normative Implications of the Conceptual Turn: Critique, discourse and history in political theory and political science’, Roskilde University, 1-2 March, 2006 (with H. M. Dahl & A.B.Sørensen)

NOPSA-workshop, ‘Begrebshistoriske ansatser: Politiske demokratikulturer i Europa’ [Conceptual History Approaches to Democratic Cultures in Europe], 11-13 August, 2005, Reykjavik, Iceland (with J.Kurunmäki)

‘Political Concepts beyond the Nation State: Cosmopolitanism, territoriality, democracy’, University of Copenhagen, 28-30 October, 2004 (with N. Parker)

‘Værdier og samfundsvidenskabelig forskning’ [Values in Social Science Research], Political Science, Aarhus University, 27-28 May, 2004 (with S.F.Midtgaard)

‘Constituting Communities – Political Solutions to Cultural Differences in Europe’, University of Copenhagen and Vartov, 23-25 October 2003 (with J. Ifversen, C.B. Laustsen, L.B. Kaspersen & T. Damsholt)

‘What’s the Culture in Multiculturalism? What’s the Difference of Identities’, 22-24 May, 2003, Aarhus University

IPSA-subgroup conference ‘The Political Economy of Democracy: Citizenship in an Age of Glo¬ba-lisation’, University of Copenhagen 23-24 August, 2001 (with U.Jacobsen & M.Wind)

Invited Academic lectures/ key notes in last five years (not including regular workshops and conferences/panels presentations):

Nordic Migration Conference, Oslo,12 August, 2016, “Integration Policies in the Nordic Countries”

Tromsø University, Conference: Active Citizenship Today, 1 June 2016, “The dialectics of modern citizenship: Membership, equality, participation”

British Academy, London (Ax:sson Johnson Foundation), 21 April 2015, “Does Immigration-induced ‘Diversity’ Undermine the Cohesion of the Welfare State”

University of Halle, 26-27 June 2015, “Nordic Securlarism: Levelling up, down or modernizing status quo”?

University of Surrey / CRONEM, 26-27 June 2012, “The Retreat of Multiculturalism”

Aarhus University/Danish Congress of Sociology, 19-20 January 2012, “Troubled citizens: Civic Integration as (mis)recognition

Bogazici University, Istanbul, 25 November 2011, “The Rise of the New Right in Europe: The Danish People’s Party”

Pompeau Fabra/CIDOB, Barcelona, 5 May 2011, “On the Liberal Plateau: The Meaning of the Civic Integrationist Turn in North Western Europe”

Stockholm University, 21-22 October, 2010, “Citizenship vs. Islam: Civic Integration in Germany, Great Britain & Denmark”

University of Oxford, 18-19 June 2010, “On the Liberal Plateau: The Meaning of the Civic Integrationist Turn in North Western Europe”

Oslo University, Institut for Samfunnsforskning, 18 June, 2010, “Repressiv Liberalisme og velfærdens grænser”

Public Outreach:

A commentator on issues of migration, integration, citizenship, public service in all major Danish national dailies; many interviews and appearances on national and international radio and TV, including longer thematic radio programs, many longer newspaper articles (e.g. ‘kronikker’)

Public talks (last 5 years):
Currently 2-3 yearly Open University lectures (Folkeuniversitetet) on e.g. Citizenship, John Locke, Hannah Arendt, Multiculturalism, Immigration & Integration Policies in Scandinavia, Tolerance (Aarhus, Emdrup, Odense)

Talks at Aarhus City Council, Region Midtjylland, AU Department of Political Science’s Aarhus Seminar, Humanity in Action, medborgernet, The National Museum of Denmark, Gyldendal, Danske Gymnasier, Filosofisk Forum, Den Grønne Kuppel, various Danish high schools and folk high schools