Per Løfstrøm

Senior Advisor

Per Løfstrøm
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Key qualifications 
 Meteorology, boundary layer meteorology, turbu-lence, diffusion and dis-persion, concentration fluctuations, local scale atmospheric dispersion modeling.
 Participation in developing and responsible for maintenance of the multi-source version of the operational local atmospheric dispersion model, OML-Multi that is recommended in the Air Pollution Guidelines for indusrty from the Danish EPA.
 Technical adviser on Odour Guidelines for the Danish EPA (industry) and for the Danish National Forest Agency (agriculture).
 Responsible for the development of the odour dispersion model OML-Lugt.
 Responsible for the development of the dry deposition model OML-DEP for gases (e.g. ammonia) and particles (e.g. pollen).
 Planningand conducting of full scale atmos-pheric dispersion experiments.
 Consulting and assessment studies.

Latest activities and conferences

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