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Per L. Gregersen

Senior Researcher

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Per L. Gregersen

Senior Researcher

  • Department of Agroecology - Crop Genetics and Biotechnology
Postal address:
Forsøgsvej 1

Email: per.gregersen@agro.au.dk

Phone: +4587158246

Curriculum Vitae


2000                    Basic education in philosophy (Da: exam. art.), KU, Open University.
1989                    Ph.D. in plant pathology, KVL.
1986                    M.Sc. in agronomy, KVL.


2004: Senior scientist, GBI-Flakkebjerg, DJF (now Molecular Biology and Genetics, AU).

2001: Project senior scientist, GBI-Flakkebjerg, DJF.

1989-2001: Research Assistant/Associate Professor, Department of Plant Biology, KVL (interrupted by 18 months of parents’ leave)




Plant molecular biology with a focus on gene expression studies, especially in wheat and barley in relation to stress responses and developmental processes. My research interests are mainly focussed on gene characterization and gene expression in the senescence processes in leaves of wheat and barley, and on the role of NAC transcription factors for the nutrient remobilization that takes place in these processes.  In a related area, my background in plant pathology forms the basis for heading work in our research group on  resistance of wheat to powdery mildew attack, through the generation of mlo mutant plants. 

PUBLICATIONS (as of Jan. 2019):

Reviewed papers in international journal: 38
Other scientific contributions: 22
h-index: 24