Department of Economics and Business Economics

Peder J. Pedersen

Professor Emeritus

Peder J. Pedersen




Education: Cand.polit. 1970, dr.oecon. 1984
Position: Professor, 1983
Administrative Assistant: Malene Vindfeldt Skals

Peder J. Pedersen has been professor at the School of Economics and Management since 1991. He received the degree dr. oecon. based on a dissertation on labour economics in 1984 and has had earlier positions at the Business Schools in Copenhagen and Aarhus and the Ph.d. school on Integration, Production and Welfare . His main research interests are in labour economics, international mobility, income distribution and poverty. He has been broadly engaged in policy oriented work as member of the Economic Council and of a number of Government Commissions, the Social Commission, the Commission on Family Life and Jobs, and most recently the Labour Market Commission which began work in 2008. He is affiliated with the IZA Institute in Bonn and the Danish National Institute for Research in Welfare and active in a number of international networks

Teaching Interests

  • Labour Economics
  • Economic Policy
  • Economic Principles
  • Macro Economics

Research Interests

  • Incentives and Labour Market Behaviour
  • Income Distribution, - Mobility and Poverty
  • Retirement and Pension Economics
  • International Mobility
  • Economics of Subjective Well-being

Selected Publications

  • Analysing trends in subjective well-being in 15 European countries, 1973-2002. With C. Bjørnskov and N.D. Gupta. 2008. Journal of Happiness Studies, vol. 9: 317-330.
  • Pathways to Early Retirement in Denmark, 1984-2000. With M. Larsen. Forthcoming 2008. International Journal of Manpower.
  • Selection and network effects – Migration flows into OECD countries 1990 – 2000. With M. Pytlikova and N. Smith. Forthcoming 2008. European Economic Review.
  • At the Lower End of the Table: Determinants of Poverty among Immigrants to Denmark and Sweden. With K. Blume, B. Gustafsson and M. Verner. 2007. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, vol. 33, no. 3: 373-396.
  • To Stay or Not to Stay? Out-Migration of Immigrants from Denmark. With P. Jensen. 2007. International Migration, vol. 45, no. 5: 87 – 113.
  • The Common Nordic Labour Market at 50. With M. Røed and E. Wadensjö. TemaNord 2008:506. Nordic Council of Ministers. Copenhagen.

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