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Paulius Bucinskas

PhD Student

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Project title: Propagation and effects of vibrations in densely populated urban environments

Trains, road traffic, factories and similar sources can generate a significant amount of environmental vibrations to the nearby areas. This is especially evident in urban environments where sources of vibrations are close to the living and working spaces. This projects investigates the ground borne vibrations that propagate via the soil, enter the building through the foundations and in turn cause structure born noise inside the structure.

The main aim of the project is to create a computational model that can estimate the propagation of vibrations through the soil with a reasonable accuracy while still being computationally efficient. The exact mechanism by which the vibrations travel through soil is a complex phenomenon that is hard predict, especially in an urban environment. Therefore, there are multiple aspects that can have an effect and need to be considered in a computational model, such as soil stratification, structure-soil interaction, the transmission in the foundation-soil and soil-air boundaries, etc.

The obtained model will be very useful in the early project design phases when a large number of configurations is being investigated and on-site conditions are often uncertain.

Main Supervisor: Professer Lars Vabbersgaard Andersen

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