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Patrick Biller

Associate Professor

Profile photoPatrick Biller
Junior Fellow, Postdoc
Department of Engineering - Biological and Chemical Engineering, Hangøvej
Department of Chemistry
Postal address:
Hangøvej 2
8200 Aarhus
Email: pbiller@eng.au.dk
Phone: +4587153464

Employments and Education

Visiting Academic. Illinois Sustainable Technology Center, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA.
Oct. 2014 → Dec. 2014

Post-Doctoral Research Assistent on project.
Jul. 2013 → Sep. 2013

PhD in Process Engineering, Energy Institute, University of Leeds.

Research at the University of Sidney. The School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Australia. Research placement through the World University Network.
Apr. 2011 → Jun. 2011

Master of Engineering, Energy and Environmental Engineering; University of Leeds, UK., Classification awarded: First Class Honours.
Sep. 2009

ERASMUS program, Sustainable Energy Engineering, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden. Two semesters.
Sep. 2007 → Sep. 2008

Undergraduate, Energy and Environmental Engineering Studies, University of Leeds. Part of an integrated 4 year Master of Engineering Degree with exchanges studies in year 3.
Sep. 2005 → Jul. 2007

German Baccalaureate, Friedrich Hecker Gymnasium Radolfzell, Germany. Scientific profile with average mark 2,7.


Potential use of plant biomass from treatment wetland systems for producing biofuels through a biocrude green-biorefining platform

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Revolutionising the way we manage waste: a Danish researcher is developing a pioneering new technology able to e.g. recover all phosphorus from manure and sludge.

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