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Ole Øhlenschlæger Madsen

Professor Emeritus

Ole Ø Madsen


Professor emeritus

Education: Dr.oecon.
Position: Professor
Administrative Assistant: Annette Mortensen

Ole Øhlenschlæger Madsen is professor at the School of Economics and Management in the field of Strategy and Accounting. He recieved his Dr.oecon. in 1983 from University of Aarhus, Denmark and a MSc in Economics from the same University in 1970. His primary research and teaching interests are in Mergers and Acquistions, Corporate Valuation, Competitive Strategy and Corporate Governance.

He has been Head of The School of Economics and Management (1994-1998). He has served on several government committees and as a member of the board of directors in many companies over the years, including Aarhus University`s Research Foundation (vicechairman since 2006).

Teaching Interests

  • Competitive Strategy
  • Management Accounting
  • Corporate Valuation

Research Interests

  • Competitive Strategy
  • Mergers and Acquisitions

Selected Publications

  • O.Ø. Madsen, 1983, Virksomhedsovertagelser og fusioner i dansk industri, NNF, København (doctoral thesis)
  • O.Ø. Madsen, 1990, Bestyrelsen og budgettet - ledelsesinstrument eller luftkastel?, Revision og Erhvervsøkonomi, FSR's Forlag, (red. af O.Ø. Madsen og Andreas Nicolaisen)
  • O.Ø. Madsen, 1991, Virksomhedens fornyelsesproces, (medforfatter Peder Smed Christensen), Ledelse og Erhvervsøkonomi, nr. 4
  • O.Ø. Madsen, 1993, Koncernstrategier, Strategi og ledelse, red. Steen Hildebrandt, Systime
  • O.Ø. Madsen, 1995, Virksomhedsfusioner i et ledelsesperspektiv, kap. 5 i Ledelse II, Børsen bøger , red. Steen Hildebrandt og Erik Johnsen
  • O.Ø. Madsen and J. Kaiser, Value Creation in the Post-Acquisition Management of Danish Horizontal Mergers (Working Paper), NFF Conference  Proceeding, Iceland, 2003.

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