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Ole Hertel

Head of Department

Curriculum Vitae



Higher Doctoral Degree (DSc) from Faculty of Natural Science, Copenhagen University, DK  


Engineering Busines Education (EBA) at Copenhagen University College of Engineering, Ballerup, DK. (Bachelor in management)
1995  dr. Scient. (Comparable to a PhD.) at Geophysical Institute, University of Bergen, Norway.
1987  MSc. Environmental Engineering at University of Aalborg, DK.
1981  High school student with qualification from Schneekloth high school, Copenhagen, DK.


2019-Deputy Head of Department, Department of Environmental Science, Aarhus University 
2017-Professor, Assessment of Human Exposure to Air Pollution 
2014-17Professor MSO, Atmospheric Modelling 
2011-2019Head of Section, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, Atmospheric Processes (20 people) at Department of Environmental Science, Aarhus University 
2009-2013 Adjunct professor at department of environmental, social and spatial change (ENSPAC), Roskilde University 


Head of Section for 12 people in the section for exposure and hazardous organic compounds.
2009...Principal Scientist at NERI/ATMI (In Danish: Seniorforsker (MSK)) 
1997-2009 Senior Researcher at NERI/ATMI.
1995 ··    External lecturer at Environmental Chemistry, Chemical Institute, University of Copenhagen (part time).
1993 ·· 1997  Researcher at NERI/ATMI
1990 ·· 1995  Ph.D. student at NERI/ATMI, matriculated at the Geophysical Institute, University of Bergen, Norway, with Professor Øystein Hov as supervisor.
1989 ·· 1990  External lecturer at the University of Aalborg for one semester (part time).
1988 ·· 1988  Same position, but formally employed at NERI/ATMI.
1987 ·· 1987  Researcher at the Danish EPA, Air Pollution Lab. (APL) for 2 month.
1987 ·· 1988  Same position, but formally employed at the Danish Technical University, IMSOR.