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Ning de Coninck-Smith


Academic training

MA [cand.mag.] in history and French. Copenhagen University, 1983

Ph.D. [lic.pæd.] Royal Danish School of Educational Studies, 1989

Doctoral defence [dr. phil], For Barnets Skyld. Byen, skolen og barndommen 1880-1914 [For the Good of The Child. Urban education and childhood 1880-1920] 2000 Southern Denmark University

Academic employment

2009- Professor of history of education, The Danish School of Education, Department of Educational Sociology, Aarhus University

2002- Associate professor, The Danish Educational University, Department of Educational Sociology

1997- Associate professor, Centre of Contemporary Cultural Studies, Southern Denmark University, Odense Campus

1984-1997 Research fellow, Odense University and the Royal Danish School of Educational Studies

Visits at foreign universities

2000-2001: Visiting Scholar, Department of History, University of California - Berkeley

2005: October-December: École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales and Sorbonne, Paris V, France

2010: October- planned visit at The Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge, England

Most important publications in Danish

For Barnets Skyld. Skolen, byen og barndommen, 1880-1914. Gyldendal, 2000

Lærerne, eleverne, forældrene - og skolen. Ti kapitler af den danske skoles historie. Klim, 2002

Sammen med fotograf Jens Bygholm: Barndom og arkitektur. Rum til danske børn gennem 300 år, Klim 2010 (forthcoming)

Most recent publications in English

Experts at work. A micro-study of architects and school buildings in Denmark 1940-1970 in Klaus Petersen and Åsa Lundqvist: Experts of the Welfare State (2010) (forthcoming)

Children's talk and parental fear? Cases of sexual misconduct in Danish State Schools 1900-1970 in Journal of Historical Sociology, vol. 21, (2008) no. 4, p. 513-524

The Class of 1980. Methodological reflections on educational high school narratives from Denmark in the 1970's and 1980's, in Paedagogica Historica vo.44, no. 6, December 2008, 733-746

With Marta Gutman (eds.): Designing Modern Childhoods. Building, Landscapes and Children's Material Culture, Rutgers University Press, 2008

The Panopticon of Childhood: Harold E. Jones Child Study Center, Berkeley, California, 1946-1960 in Paedagogica Historica, Vol. 41, nos. 4 and 5, August 2005, p. 495-506

With Marta Gutman: Children and Youth in Public: Places, Geographies, and Cultural Landscapes. Introduction to a special issue of the journal Childhood, August 2004

Co-editor of The International Encyclopedia of the History of Childhood (editor-in-chief professor Paula S. Fass), Macmillan, New York, 2003. Author of the entries on Childhood and the Welfare State (co-authored with Bengt Sandin) and Paedophilia

Current research projects

Working chair of the research project Schooling for life. Educational Systems and Educational Narratives during Three Generations, Denmark 1945-2005. The project is paid by a grant from the Danish Research Council of the Humanities.

Working chair of the five year research project Schools in Denmark. A history of Everyday Life, Conditions and Visions. The project is funded by a grant from the Carlsberg foundation and has 10 employees.

Together with photographer Jens Bygholm: Architecture and children. 18th-21st Centuries. The project is paid primarily by grants from the Realdania foundation and the Kuben Foundation.


Forskningsforum 1996-2002

Aarhus University Research Committee 2009-

Executive committee member, The Society for the History of Childhood and Youth 2009-2013

Executive committee member, Gentofte lokalhistoriske selskab, 2009-2011


Member of the International Editorial Board of the Journal Paedagogica Historica

Member of the International Editorial Board of the Journal Childhood

Network and research communication

Together with professors Ellen Schrumpf, Norway and Bengt Sandin, Sweden initiator of an exploratory workshop and network on Nordic childhood in the 20th Century. The network has received financial support from the Nordic Research Council of the Humanities.

Contributor to Folkeskolen and Weekendavisen