Nils Onnen

PhD Student

Nils Onnen


Project title: Close Aerial Sensing for characterizing soil surface conditions and improving erosion modelling in agricultural landscapes.

Project description: Surface runoff and erosion on agricultural land locally affect long-term soil productivity and surface water quality in Europe and many parts of the world. Despite Denmark being a country with relatively low relief and typically low rainfall erosivity, comparative coarse scale modelling exercise and field observations rank Denmark as vulnerable to water erosion. Water erosion in Denmark develops especially on soils containing erodible fine sand, which is a common occurrence in the Danish environment. Different national and international societal drivers, amongst others EU legislation on good agricultural and environmental conditions, now require Denmark to take action for protecting soil and water resources. This necessitates stakeholders – authorities as well as farmers - to address the extent and impact of water erosion on agricultural land on an informed and consensual basis for appropriate mitigation planning. The PhD project investigates spatial temporal patterns of runoff generation controlled by changes in soil surface conditions. The main aims of the project are (i) to improve our understanding of how spatial and temporal changes in soil surface conditions affect runoff and erosion processes and to (ii) codify this knowledge into an event-based-model to improve its reliability and accuracy.

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