Nikoline S. Olsen

PhD Student

Nikoline S. Olsen


My research is focused on microbial and bacteriophage (phage) biotechnology. In previous studies, I have worked with molecular environmental microbiology investigating crude oil biodegradation, bacterial ecology and climate gas production in Arctic waters and sediment. Currently I am exploring phages for innovative applications.

Phages are an immensely diverse group of viruses infecting bacteria, they are considered to be the most abundant biological entity on earth (>1031) and to represent the largest source of unexplored genetic diversity in the biosphere. The study of phages has served as a foundation for molecular biology. However, most of the phage derived molecular tools currently applied stem from very few phages isolated decades ago, ­ predominantly the Lambda, T4, T5 and T7. Though several novel phage-derived agents already are in use within healthcare, veterinary, agricultural and research sectors, the application potential remains largely unexplored. In this project, I will look for novel applications of phages and phage gene-products, with focus on genes involved with nucleic acid manipulation and other gene-products of commercial interest, as well as the identification of novel phages. The project is conducted under the supervision of Professor Lars Hestbjerg Hansen and Witold Kot.

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