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Narguess Nemati

Tenure Track Assistant Professor

Narguess Nemati


During my post-doctoral, research fellowships and Ph.D. I have expanded my knowledge and skills in various areas in materials science and engineering and they are detailed in coming lines.

§  Offering years of experience in advanced characterization techniques of materials, synthetization and characterization of the coating materials, designing innovative resistance coating alternatives for harsh conditions.

§  Broad understanding of the scientific questions to be addressed and their relation to other elements in the projects

§  Created the library of mechanical properties of novel 2D structure materials (FeAS, GaAs and etc.) for the first time by means of exfoliating, spin coating and ultra-Nano hardness technique on 2D materials sheets as coating.

§  Pioneering the “Hierarchical surface protection” terminology in multi-nanolayer coating development.

§  Specialist in Micro/Macro-scale high temperature tribology of light-weight alloys, composites and thin films.

§  In-depth knowledge and application of the preparation, characterization, surface modification, mechanical testing and energy applications of several materials, including high strength light weight alloys and metal matrix composites for high temperature.

Superior proficiency in the fabrication, characterization, enhanced durability and irradiation resistance of functional multi-layer coatings.

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