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Nanna Schneidermann
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I work with activist and applied anthropology, digital media, gender and urban development in different constellations in research projects in Uganda, South Africa, Denmark and the Faroe Islands. 

I am interested in popular music and more broadly the anthropology of sound, and currently work with this in two different projects: In collaboration with ROSA (the Danish genre organization for rock music) I explore the relationship between loneliness and music during COVID-19 times throughout 2021. In Uganda I have worked with youth, music, everyday urban life and the politics of fame since 2003.  As a postdoctoral researcher in the collaborative project Imagining Gender Futures in Uganda (IMAGENU) I examine wedding video and music production as prism for changing gender relations in Gulu in Northern Uganda. 

A second long-term research interest is gender and in particular reproductive health and motherhood in post-colonial contexts. Here I have worked with how marginalized women in Cape Town navigate digital and urban spaces in the quest for respectable motherhood with fieldwork in 2016-2018. In 2023 I embark on a new project about images and imaginations of motherhood across three generations in the Faroe Islands.

I welcome master and PhD projects that are driven by curiosity and use anthropological practice to engage global inequalities around gender, class and race with vantagepoint in everyday lives and media. 

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