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Nana Clemensen

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Nana Clemensen
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Ph. d. in educational anthropology, Master of Nordic Philology combined with cultural sociology and studies of language and culture meetings. Expertise in language socialisation and childhood anthropology.

My research is driven by linguistic ethnographic methods and theories on the socialisation, education and schooling of children, combined with analyses of discourse and power in the daily interactions of children, parents, teachers, and other actors.

I'm currently part of the Velux funded research project "Family life under Covid-19": https://projekter.au.dk/familieliv-i-en-coronatid/

My doctoral study was based in a rural Zambian community, investigating daily socialisation practices among 6-12 year old children, their family members and teachers, across formal and informal arenas of learning. This work was recently published in the book Ambiguous Childhoods. Peer Socialisation, Schooling and Agency in a Zambian Village (Berghahn 2019).

With Associate professoor Lars Holm, I have explored academic literacy practices among students at the Danish candidate degree of Educational Anthropology as well as the international programme Anthropology of Education and Globalization (AEG).

More recently, I have explored family negotiations on children's urban autonomy in a housing cooperative in Copenhagen V. 

I am associated with the master programmes of Educational Anthropology and Anthropology of Education and Globalization. 

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