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Nabin Aryal


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Nabin Aryal


  • Department of Engineering - Anaerob Digestion Technologies, Hangøvej
Postal address:
Hangøvej 2
Aarhus N

Email: aryalnabin@eng.au.dk

Mobile: +4520655415



Department of Engineering - Anaerob Digestion Technologies, Hangøvej

Aarhus University

Aarhus N, Denmark

16 Feb 2017 → present

PhD Researcher

Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Biosustainability


Feb 2014

Research Technician

Flemish Institute for Technological Research (VITO), Mol, Belgium


Feb 2013Feb 2014

Sumer-Intern Environmental Engineer

ENVISAN GEM Inc., Prague, Czech Republic

Czech Republic

Jun 2012Aug 2012

Technical Executive

International Certification Services Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai, India


Oct 2008Oct 2011


Ph.D in Bioengineering, Technical University of Denmark, DTU
Feb. 2014 → Feb. 2017
M.Sc. in Environmental Technology and Engineering, Ghent Univerity
Sep. 2011 → Sep. 2013
B.Sc. in Environmental Science, Tribhuvan University, Nepal
May 2003 → May 2005

Membership and Involvement

-Member of International Society for Microbial Electrochemistry and Technology (ISMET)
- Member of The International Society of Electrochemistry (ISE)

Academic Award and Honor

- Ph.D Student Travel grants from Otto Mønsteds Fond, Denmark-2016
- Erasmus Mundus Category A Scholarship from European Commission 2011-2013
- Scholarship on Short Course Training on Management System from Government of India under Colombo Plan 2008
- Academic Bright Free Scholarship from Friends of Needy Children 1996-2004


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Bioelectrochemical Syntheses

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Increased carbon dioxide reduction to acetate in a microbial electrosynthesis reactor with a reduced graphene oxide-coated copper foam composite cathode

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Methane loss from commercially operating biogas upgrading plants

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Alternative of Biogas Injection into the Danish Gas Grid System — A Study from Demand Perspective

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Enhanced microbial electrosynthesis with three-dimensional graphene functionalized cathodes fabricated via solvothermal synthesis

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Multifactorial evaluation of the electrochemical response of a microbial fuel cell

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Bioelectrocatalyzed reduction of acetic and butyric acids via direct electron transfer using a mixed culture of sulfate-reducers drives electrosynthesis of alcohols and acetone.

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