Martin Wolfgang Wolsgård

Martin Wolfgang Wolsgård

Panopto systemadmin, Pædagogisk IT-medarbejder

  • Trøjborgvej 82-84, 1911, 132

    8000 Aarhus C


Personal profile


I have a bachelor's degree in Educational Science and a master's degree in Digital Design, which I combine with IT support experience from AU. I work at the intersection of people and IT, striving to bridge the gap between the two. I achieve this by either guiding users or making IT solutions more accessible and user-friendly.

I have solid experience in both teaching/pedagogy and IT, which gives me a broad understanding of both areas.

Job responsibilities

I work with a variety of learning technologies in different contexts. Among other things, I am the system administrator for our video platform Panopto, where I provide support, configure, and monitor. I support Brightspace and the tools integrated into Brightspace, such as Mentimeter, H5P, FeedbackFruits, etc.

Additionally, I also have a range of tasks that involve bridging the gap between teaching and pedagogy and the learning technologies used at AU.

Areas of expertise

  • Systemadmin for Panopto
  • Support for Brightspace
  • Learning techonology
  • IT guides