Department of Business Development and Technology

Muhammad Bilal

Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Muhammad Bilal


My research focuses on the application of drone technology for addressing business and societal challanges. In a nutshell, we create innovative drone solutions, products and/or services, to optimize complex processes in businesses at a fraction of cost, risk and time. As a part of EU H2020 project, we have developed a drone solution to improve the maintenance of utility-scale Photovoltaic plant utlizling the potential of drone technology, have a look at EASY-PV. We also developed a novel drone solution to assist Search and Rescue missions in Maritime to improve their operations particularly at the night time thus enhancing the readiness of Search and Rescue response teams as well as reducing mission costs significantly. The project protytpe is now in the commercialzation phase, more information can be found at SARA. In addition to our EU project activities, we also established Drone Lab infrastructure at BTECH to involve students on problem-based learning by providing them hand-on experience on drone technologies and associated applications in Agriculture and Infrastructure Inspection to name a few.

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