Morten Winther

Senior Advisor

Key qualifications 
 Morten Winther is doing the annual Danish national air emission estimates for international conventions such as UNFCCC and UNECE in the framework of the European-wide CORINAIR inventory programme.
 As a part of his consultancy work Morten Winther has given guidance to the Faroe Islands in building up a new system for emission reporting to the UNFCCC. In a current project Morten Winther gives consultory aid to Latvian emission inventory makers in order to improve the Latvian inventories according to the guidelines of the UNECE and UNFCCC conventions.
 Morten Winther has experience in obtaining and validating emission factors for all modes of transport and vehicle types to use for different traffic scenarios and research projects. He has also carried out applied research to improve the Danísh emission knowledge in areas with poor or missing information.
 Morten Winther is a member of the UNECE Task Force/EIONET transport panel improving methods and guidelines for national emission reporting of all transport modes in European countries. In the last four years Morten Winther has been a partner of the EU funded research network AERONET (I and II) also dealing with aviation emissions. Morten Winther has participated in the EU funded research network COST319 (emissions from all transport modes) as a part of the Management Committee and as a member of a working group (COST 319 subgroup air traffic) specificly dealing with aircraft emissions. Morten Winther has also joined two working groups, UNECE/CORINAIR sub group and ECAC/ANCAT/EMCAL where methodologies to estimate aircraft emissions were developed and documented.


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