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Morten Nissen


Morten Nissen: CV NOVEMBER 2014

Born: October 1st, 1957

Work address: Department of Education, Aarhus University,

Tuborgvej 164, DK-2400 Copenhagen NV, Denmark

Phone: +45 30282418

Email: mn@edu.au.dk  


2012              Senior doctorate degree (Dr. Psych.), University of Copenhagen

1994              PhD in Psychology, University of Copenhagen

1987              Ma Sc in Psychology, University of Copenhagen

1981              BA in Psychology,University of Copenhagen


2014-                Professor at the Department of Education, Aarhus University

2012-                Professor 2 at the University College in Østfold, Fredrikstad, Norway

2001-2014        Associate professor in Educational and Community psychology, University of CPH

1997–2001        Assistant professor in Educational and Community psychology, University of CPH

1996-1997        Research associate, Center for Social Work Research, Copenhagen

1993-1996        Research fellow for the Danish Ministery of Social Affairs

1990-1994        Doctoral student, Health, Humanity and Culture, Aarhus University

1987-1990        Clinical psychologist, City of Copenhagen

1983-1985        Student assistant, Institute of Educational Research (DPI)


Theories and practices of motivation, subjectivity, community, standards and participation. Community education. Crossroads of general, community and educational psychology. Methodologies and epistemologies of practice. Social youth work. Drugs. Health and prevention.


2011 -                 SUBSTANce – Subjects and Standards – See http:substance.ku.dk .

2012-                  Forskergruppen om Psyko-socialt Arbeid [Research Group on Psycho-Social Work] – UC Ostfold, Fredrikstad, Norway.


2011 -            SUBSTANce – Subjects and Standards (projectmanager) – funded by FKK (7.3 mio DKK)

2012-             Pills, Prescriptions, Practices, and Perceptions – part of UC-CARE– Strategic project of the UCPH (0.96 mio DKK)

2001-6           The network Person, Intervention, Changing Forms of Collectivity (Da PIFF) –educational psychology network funded by the FKK

2000-2003     The Life of Drug Users Between Treatment and Control – at the Center for Drugand Alcohol Research, AU, funded by Ministeries of Justice and Social  Affairs.


User-Driven Standards in Social Work - El Màster en Recerca i Intervenció Psicosocia, Universitat Autonomade Barcelona, Spain, October 2013

Meeting youth in movement and on neutral ground – The annual Active Citizens Symposium (SIAC), Pontifica Universitate do Sao Paulo, Brazi, November 2012

Liminality, process and paradox in practice encounters, research seminar, Open University, Milton Keynes, UK June 2012 (with Mads Bank)

The Subjects, Standards, and Substances of Fiction. Conference on Addiction and Performance, Kingston University, London, UK, May 2011

Det Syge Selv – research seminar at Center for Drug & Alcohol Research, AU, 2011

Ideology and Subjectivity. Conference on Marxism & Psychology, Prince Edward Island, Canada, 2010

Prototyping collectivities of drug knowledge. Sozial- und Kulturanthropologieder Lebens wissenschaften, Humboldt, Berlin, 2008


2013-6                 editing special issue on “A Post-psychological Curiosity on Subjects and Standards” for Theory & Psychology

2013-4                editing ”Psykososialt arbeid. Fortellinger, medvirkning og fellesskap” anthology on Psycho-Social Work at Gyldendal, Oslo

2011-3                member of editorial board of Pædagogisk Psykologisk Tidsskrift [Journal for Educational Psychology]

1997-2012 -      Editor in Chief of the journal Outlines. Critical Practice Studies (www.outlines.dk)

2009-10 -           co-edited 2 special issues of Mind, Culture & Activity and Qualitative Research in Psychology, and 1 scientific anthology “Viden, Virkning og Virke”  (Knowledge, Effect and Practice)

Editorial board member of the journals Subjectivity, Social Practice / Psychological Theorizing, Annual Review of Critical Psychology


Assessed 3 applications for full professorship at Universitetet i Oslo

Assessment of 11 PhD theses (6 as chairman, 1 at the Manchester Metropolitan University, UK, and  1 in Bergen, Norway).

Member of expert panel for Norwegian Research Council, Oct 2009

Reviewer / reader for Journal of Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology, Encyclopedia of Critical Psychology, Nordic Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, Psychology Press, Routledge, International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education, Nordic Psychology, Social Practice / Psychological Theorizing, FoU i praksis (Oslo), European Journal of Psychology of Education,  International Journal of Critical Psychology, Theory & Psychology, British Journal of Social Psychology, Annual Review of Critical Psychology, Psyke & Logos, Samfundslitteratur, Center for Folkeoplysning og Voksenundervisning, (and others)


On the Executive Committee of the International Society for Cultural and Activity Research, 2008-11

Member of the Psychology PhD Program Committee, Faculty of Social Sciences, 2006-14

Chairman of the evaluation committee 2000-2010 for the Study Board of Psychology, UCPH

Member of Works Council [Samarbejdsudvalg] at Department of Psychology, 2002-7

Board Member teacher training at Humanities [Styregruppen for adjunktpædagogikum] 1997-2001

Various positions in student politics in the 1980s, including Department Executive Committee 


2015                    Open conference on Subjects and Standards

2012-4                Internationa lresearch seminars of SUBSTANce

2012                    (and several times earlier) Danish seminar on Activity Theory (Røsnæs)

2008                    Open conference of Center for Health, Humanity and Culture, AU

2004                    3rd Nordic Conference on Cultural and Activity Research, Copenhagen


Supervised 17 PhD students (12 as main).

Co-Arranged 13 PhD courses 2006-13