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Morten Graversgaard

Tenure Track assistant professor, Postdoc.

Morten Graversgaard


My research interests is focused on water governance and agro-ecological resource analysis. These interest have developed through participating in a number of agri-environmental research projects. In my PhD, I worked with water and natural resource management and governance in agricultural landscapes, where I specificially analysed different kinds of strategies and tools to manage agro-ecological resources in a more sustainable and collaborative way. Thesis title: Stakeholder participation for effective governance: Bridging the gap between top-down water resource management and bottom-up local implementation. Supervisors: Prof. Tommy Dalgaard  and Dr. Chris Kjeldsen. Examiners: Prof. Mark Reed (Newcastle University) and Prof. Henrik Hauggaard-Nielsen (Roskilde University). Currently my research interests focus on the multi-level dimensions of agro-ecological resources, from investigating the policy implementation and evaluation of agri-environmental measures to examining consumer and food driven analysis of behavioural change. My research area span across different disciplines including geography, environmental science, political science and sociology. My research interest broadly include sustainable nitrogen management, agroecology and sustainable land management and participatory governance and collaborative decision processes, food geography and agricultural geography.

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