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Morten Brænder

Associate professor, Centre Director

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Morten Brænder

Associate professor, Centre Director

  • Department of Political Science
  • School of Communication and Culture - Centre for University Studies in Journalism
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Phone: +4587161976, +4587165621

Biographical data

Born Februar 17, 1975. Married to high school teacher Lisbeth Brænder
Children: Svend William Brænder (2003), Esther Margrethe Brænder (2007) & Hedvig Vera Brænder (2010)

Research Profile

Associate Professor Morten Brænder holds a MA in History of Ideas and Comparative Religion, and a Ph.D. in political science. He is Director of the Centre for University Studies in Journalism.

As Associate Professor in Political Science, his primary research areas include military sociology, motivational and leadership studies, and the relation between religion and politics. Currently, he is in charge of a project studying the significance of reforms of the Danish officer education, in corporation with the Royal Danish Defence Academy. In the Post Doctoral project, Why they Serve, Morten Brænder examined how deployment to war affected the motivation and craving for excitement of Danish combat troops. And his Ph.D. dissertation Justifying the Ultimate Sacrifice – Civil and Military Religion in Frontline Blogs was a study of how US soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan used Civil Religion to justify their war participation. Morten Brænder has published in Danish, English and German. Along with Professor Lotte Bøgh Andersen, he received ”The William Mosher & Fredrich E. Mosher Award” for the best article in the top-tier journal Public Administration Review in march 2014.

Employment and Education

Director, Centre for University Studies in Journalism - Department of Communication and Culture
February 1, 2018 - present

Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, Aarhus University
January 1, 2014 - present

Ph.D. Department of Political Science, Aarhus University, December 2009
MA, Department for the History of Ideas and Department of Comparative Religion, Aarhus University, June 2005


Center for Journalistiske Universitetsuddannelser

Brænder, M.


Ny uddannelse - nye værdier?

Brænder, M.


2016-2019: "New education - new values? A study of the new Officer educations". In coorporation with the Royal Danish Defence Academy.

With the Parliamentary Defence Settlement in 2012, the Officer Educations in Denmark are going to change drastically. In coorporation with Department of Leadership and Organisation, and the Royal Danish Defence Academy, I examine the significance of these changes for the officers and for the development of cadet values.


Stat og samfund

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Transgression within Boundaries: a qualitative study of excitement motivation among combat troops

Brænder, M., 2018, In : Qualitative Psychology.

"Sage mir, wofür Du sterben wirst, so sage ich Dir, wer Du bist": Krieg als ein zivilreligiöses Ritual

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Adrenalin Junkies: Why Soldiers Return from War Wanting More

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Panel Analysis: When to Use It and What to Consider When Collecting and Analyzing Panel Data

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Samfundsvidenskabelig tekstanalyse

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Soldier and Civilian Motivation - Different or Similar? A Comparison of Public Service Motivation for Civilians and Military Personnel

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Soldier motivation – different or similar? A Comparison of Public Service Motivation for Civilians and Military Personnel

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Fortællinger fra fronten. En narrativ analyse af civilreligiøse elementer i militære blogs

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Tolerance and Cultural Diversity Discourses in Denmark

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Hellig krig og civilreligion: Om den religiøse volds forskydning fra kirkens til nationens domæne

Brænder, M., 2005, In : Distinktion. 10, p. 135-150 15 p.

Research Sojourns

March-July 2012: Visiting Assistant Professor, Washington College, Chestertown, MD Sponsor: Associate Professor, Ryan Kelty August-December 2007: Visiting Student Research Collaborate (VSRC), Department of Sociology & Center for the Study of Religion, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ Sponsor: Professor Robert Wuthnow

Educational Experience

Morten Brænder has been in charge of and taught courses for BA, MA and PhD. students in Political Science. Here, he has taught Methods, Political Theory, and Public Administration among other subjects, supervised numerous MA dissertations, and co-supervises Ph.D. dissertations as well. As lecturer, as Assistant Professor and as Associate Professor, he has also taught causes at the Teachers’ College, at the Department of Business Communication, and in the MA study of Diakonia.

Linguistic skills

Fluent in Danish and English, masters German and French, reads New Testament Greek