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Mónica Far Brusatori

PhD Student, PhD Fellow

Mónica Far Brusatori


I'm a PhD student in Electrical Engineering researching a new type of diode laser with narrow and stable linewidth (see project description below).

I hold a Licenciate degree in Physics from the University of Buenos Aires. As part of my degree's thesis I worked in the characterizaton of Silicon Photomultipliers with the LabOSat project, (acronym for Laboratory-On-a-Satellite), which is a collaboration whose objective is to increase the technology readiness level (TRL) of new electronic components and sensors through characterization experiments in satellite missions.


PhD Project Title: Narrow Linewidth Diode Lasers

PhD Project description:

Lasers are fundamental for modern telecommunication thanks to the reduced spectral distribution of their optical emission as compared to other light sources. This laser ’linewidth’ relates to the statistical notion of 'coherence' and it is inversely proportional to the distance (or time) over which the electromagnetic wave remains with a deterministic phase. However, this wonderful and unique property of lasers can be greatly influenced by the environmental conditions. In addition, advanced modulation formats employed in coherent communication require lasers with increasingly smaller linewidths, power consumption and footprint.

The goal of this project is to explore both theoretically and experimentally a new type of diode laser with narrow and stable linewidth. It will be designed as a tunable laser with high output power, operating in the telecom C-band. Beside telecommunication, possible applications that will benefit from this work include high-resolution spectroscopy, on-chip nonlinear optics and LIDAR. This laser design intends to reduce significantly the size, the weight, the cost and the complexity of its packaging without affecting its performance. It will be fabricated with mature material systems, thus giving this technology a feasible and credible path towards deployment out of the research laboratory.

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