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Mohammad Naghizadeh

PhD, Postdoc

Mohammad Naghizadeh


I did my undergraduate studies in animal science, provided a good knowledge of multidisciplinary field of biology along with the experience in statistics. I continued to work on poultry in MSc and PhD. My PhD dissertation was about the therapeutic use of bacteriophages to treat birds experimentally challenged with avian photogenic Escherichia coli. I have also one year experience of working as a visiting PhD student at Arhus University where I had an excellent opportunity to upgrade my knowledge theoretically and practically in avian immunology.

Currently I am a Postdoc at University of Arhus with research focus on the chicken immune system and gut health status, particularly in intensively reared broilers, where beside various stressors the intestinal function is often pushed to the limit.

I am involved in a number of Danish and international projects with overall objectives of:

  1. Identification of poultry leaky gut disease biomarkers and investigation of the role of intestinal barrier dysfunction in pathogenesis and disease severity
  2. Evaluation of novel therapeutic agents to provide better and sustainable control of bacterial infections in broilers and
  3.  Characterizing host immune responses (macrophages to internalize particles by phagocytosis) to an emerging bacterial infection so called Erysipelas.

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