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Emanuele Nicolo Andreoli

PhD Student

Mitra Azar
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Practice based:

My practice based research has aimed at building a virtuous circuit between an aesthetic and political philosophy, a nomadic life style, and a creative practice. 

The idea of border as fluid, flexible, amorphous entity and the political role of especially cinematic and post-cinematic art and digital technologies in the frame of an aesthetic of crisis and of mass event have been the focus of my practice based research. Since almost ten years I've been building an archive of site-specific works in some of the most controversial areas of the planet - usually at the very border between confining countries - or in the context of socio-political, cultural and ecological struggles, mainly through the lens of visual anthropology, art, and media philosophy. It is especially during the field work done in the Middle East during the so called ‘Arab Spring’ - where protesters combined the use of a new type of POV 'poor image' with social media - that the core ideas of my Ph.D. research  started to take shape. 


Research based:

The research aims at understanding the political and aesthetic implications related to new technologies of vision such as mobile phones, Google technologies of vision, virtual reality devices, and systems for machine vision. In order to do so, it analysis the contemporary use of the cinematic technique referred to as ‘subjective camera’ POV (Point of View), and explores  the various ways in which new technologies of vision adopt this type of interface across multiple online-offline platforms.

The research tracks and theorizes the migration of the POV image from the field of cinema to its present forms, and discusses its transformation from a cinematic technique into one of the most contested political-aesthetic battlefields of our times. How the 'engineering' of the gaze associated with new technologies of vision produces new subjectivities that operate within new regimes of visibility?

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