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Mirko Haenel

MSc., Dipl.Ing, PhD Student

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Mirko Haenel

PhD Student

  • Department of Biology - Aquatic Biology
Postal address:
Ole Worms Allé 1
Aarhus C

Email: mhaenel@bio.au.dk


PhD Student

Department of Biology - Aquatic Biology

Aarhus University

Aarhus C, Denmark

16 Apr 2020 → present

Research Director


Bremerhaven, Germany

15 Mar 2001 → …

2006-presentTECHNOLOGY-TRANSFER-CENTRE at the University of Applied Science (Bremerhaven, Germany) Research Director
2017UNIVERSITY OF BREMEN (Bremen, Germany), lecturer: Business administration and European Project Management
2003-2006TECHNOLOGY-TRANSFER-CENTRE (Bremerhaven, Germany) Head of International Projects
2001-2002TECHNOLOGY-TRANSFER-CENTRE (Bremerhaven, Germany) Project Manager for International Projects
2000-2001EUROPEAN COMMISSION (Bruxelles, Belgium) Energy and Transport Directorate General (European Directive on Energy Efficiency in Buildings),


1999-2000AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL UNIVERSITY (Canberra, Australia) Master in Environmental Management and Development.
1995-1998TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF BERLIN (Berlin, Germany) Master in Environmental Technologies (advanced studies) completed with final examination and thesis.
1993-1995TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF BERLIN (Berlin, Germany) Landscape and Environment Planning (basic studies)


2000-2001EUROPEAN COMMISSION Scholarship for the Internship with the Energy and Transport Directorate General
1999-2000DEUTSCHER AKADEMISCHER AUSTAUSCHDIENST Scholarship for the Master of Environmental Management and Development Program at the Australian National University
1999ERNST STEPHAN” PRIZE Technical University of Berlin award for outstanding final year degree results


2016Knauer, M. Hänel, L. Doyle & S. Yadav., 2016. Wastewater Treatment in Short Rotation Plantations” International Conference on Innovations in Sustainable Water and Wastewater Treatment Systems (ISWATS), 21-23 April 2016, Pune, India
2012Hänel, M.2012. Rokwood. Resource efficient production and utilization of woody biomass from SRPs. European Best Practice and Key Findings. Final report“
2000Hänel, M., 2000. Renewable Energy - Australia's Opportunity for the Twenty-First Century, Australian National University, Canberra.
1999Hänel, M., 1999. Strategic Development of Renewable Energy Technology in Remote Communities, Australian Greenhouse Office (Environment Australia), Canberra.