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Mirgita Frasheri

PhD, Postdoc

Mirgita Frasheri


Project: AgroRobottiFleet, in collaboration with AgroIntelli


During my Ph.D studies my research was focused on the problem of determining when an agent should change its autonomy and collaborate with other agents. To this end, firstly, a high-level agent framework was proposed which models the agent's internal operation. Secondly, the adaptive autonomous behavior was achieved by introducing the willingness to interact, composed of the willingness to ask for and give assistance. This agent approach has been used to tackle the κ-coverage problem that involves achieving coverage of targets with at least κ agents, and in mobile wireless sensor networks, where the goal is to extend the longevity of the network as much as possible. My research interests include: autonomous systems, multi-agent systems, agent collaboration, AI, technologies for industry 4.0 – covering digital twins among others.

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