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Min Wu

Associate Professor

Min Wu


Min Wu received his Ph.D degree from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) in 2014 and worked as a postdoc researcher at École nationale supérieure des mines de Paris (MINES ParisTech) in 2014. He had 7 years’ experience working in industry, with approximately 3 years as a development scientist for BASF Construction Chemicals Asia Pacific and 4 years as a durability specialist for COWI A/S.

His main research interests are related to different aspects of construction materials, including microstructure and properties of cement based materials, durability design and service life modeling of reinforced concrete structures, novel and sustainable construction materials, recycling and waste utilization, self-healing and self-repairing materials, construction chemicals, etc. The research aims to improve our understanding of the mostly used construction materials, i.e. cement based materials, and to create more synergy between two major aspects of construction materials, i.e. sustainability and durability.

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