Department of Psychology and Behavioural Sciences

Mikael Thastum

  1. Børnesundhedsprisen 2015

    Thastum, Mikael (Recipient), 2015

    Prize: Prizes, scholarships, distinctions

  2. • The 2015 Macquarie University Research Excellence Awards: Excellence in Research – Healthy people.

    Hudson, J. L. (Recipient), Keers, R. (Recipient), Roberts, S. (Recipient), Coleman, J. R. I. (Recipient), Breen, G. (Recipient), Arendt, K. B. (Recipient), Bögels, S. (Recipient), Cooper, P. (Recipient), Creswell, C. (Recipient), Hartman, C. A. (Recipient), Heiervang, E. R. (Recipient), Thastum, Mikael (Recipient), Hötzel, K. (Recipient), In-Albon, T. (Recipient), Lavallee, K. (Recipient), Lyneham, H. J. (Recipient), Marin, C. E. (Recipient), McKinnon, A. (Recipient), Meiser-Stedman, R. (Recipient), Morris, T. (Recipient), Nauta, M. (Recipient), Rapee, R. (Recipient), Schneider, S. (Recipient), Schneider, S. C. (Recipient), Silverman, W. K. (Recipient), Thirlwall, K. (Recipient), Waite, P. (Recipient), Wergeland, G. J. (Recipient) & Lester, K. J. (Recipient), 2015

    Prize: Prizes, scholarships, distinctions