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Mikael Søndergaard

Associate Professor

Mikael Søndergaard


Associate Professor

Education: Cand.scient.pol., PhD
Position: Associate Professor
Administrative Assistant:

Teaching Interests

  • International Management

Research Interests

  • International Management
  • Cultural Difference and Organizational Behaviour
  • Global/Cross-cultural Management

Selected Publications

  • M. Søndergaard w/ Schon Beechler, Allan Bird, Edwin L. Miller, Boundary Spanning, 2003, A Guide to Managing Complexity, Blackwell Handbook of Global Management, 120-130, 2003.
  • M. Søndergaard, 2002, Values of Local Government CEOs in Job Motivation: How Do CEOs See the Ideal Job?, in Peter Dahler Larsen ed., Social Bonds to City Hall, How Appointed Managers enter, experience, and leave their Jobs in Western Local Government, Odense University Press, 57-76.
  • M. Søndergaard w/Saner R. et al., 2000, Business Diplomacy Management, A Core Competency for Global Companies, Academy of Management Executive, 14, 80-92.
  • M. Søndergaard, 1994, Hofstede's Consequences: A Study of Reviews, Citations and Replications, Organization Studies, 15/3,  447-456.
  • M. Søndergaard w/ Martha Calas and Paul Donnelly, 2004, At a Distance: Learning about Cross-cultural Teams in an International Management Course, in C. Wankel & R. De Phillippi, eds., The Cutting Edge of International Management Education, vol. 2, Research In Management Education and Development scholarly annual book series. Information Age Publishers, in press.
  • M. Søndergaard w/ Lotte Kragelund, 2004, A Candidate for Saudi Arabia, in Anne Marie Francesco et al., International Organizational Behaviour, Prentice Hall, in press.

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