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Michael Malmros Sørensen

PhD, Associate Professor

Michael Malmros Sørensen

Teaching interests
Decision analysis
Managerial decision modelling
Operations and Supply Chain Management
Optimisation methods
Simulation modelling and analysis

Research interests
Integer and combinatorial optimisation
Optimisation theory and algorithms
Current research projects include

1) Facets for node-capacitated multicut polytopes from path-block cycles.
2) Separation and facet evaluation for the simple graph partitioning problem.

Selected Publications
Facets for node-capacitated multicut polytopes from path-block cycles with two common nodes, Discrete Optimization, vol. 25, pp. 120-140, 2017.
A new separation algorithm for the Boolean quadric and cut polytopes, Discrete Optimization, vol. 14, pp. 61-71, 2014 (with A.N. Letchford).
Binary positive semidefinite matrices and associated integer polytopes, Mathematical Programming, Vol. 131, pp. 253-271, 2012 (with A.N. Letchford).
Facet-defining inequalities for the simple graph partitioning polytope, Discrete Optimization, Vol.  4, pp 221-231, 2007.
New facets and a branch-and-cut algorithm for the weighted clique problem, European Journal of Operational Research, Vol. 154, pp 57-70, 2004.


Member of Section: Econometrics and Business Analytics
Research Secretary: Solveig Nygaard Sørensen

Michael Malmros Sørensen received his PhD at Aarhus School of Business in 1996, and he has an MSc in Business Administration from ASB in 1992. His main work interests have always focused on problems within the areas of optimisation, logistics, and simulation. He is conducting research within the Cluster for Operations Research And Logistics (CORAL).

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