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Michael Eilenberg

  1. Agrarian Expansion and the Politics of Territoriality on the Indonesian-Malaysian Frontier

    Eilenberg, M.

    Det Frie Forskninbgsråd, Samfund og Erhverv (FSE)


    Project: Research

  2. Carbon Politics

    Eilenberg, M., Dalsgaard, S. & Mikkelsen, T. C.


    Project: Research

  3. NISN: Nordic Indonesia Studies Network

    Eilenberg, M., Nygaard-Christensen, M., Trane Ibsen, J., Raith Nilsson, D., Hansen, K. & Fog Skriver, M.

    02/01/2009 → …

    Project: Research

  4. Producing Wealth and Poverty in Indonesia's New Rural Economies

    Murray Li, T., Semedi, P. & Eilenberg, M.


    Project: Research

  5. Rule and Rupture

    Eilenberg, M., Lund, C., Komlavi Hahonou, E. & Borg Rasmussen, M.


    Project: Research

  6. SCIFOR: Science and Power in Participatory Forestry

    Eilenberg, M., Friis Lund, J., Lund, C., Pilegaard Hansen, C., Meilby, H., Treue, T., Mathew Ngaga, Y., Ernest Mbeyale, G., Rayamajhi, S., Bahadur Khanal Chhetri, B. & K. Pokharel, R.


    Project: Research

  7. The Integrative Sustainability Network

    Brosius, P. & Eilenberg, M.

    01/09/2012 → …

    Project: Research

  8. RISEZAsia: The Rise of Special Economic Zones in Asian Borderlands

    Eilenberg, M., Mikkelsen, T. C., Venhovens, M. J. H. & Chettri, M.

    Aarhus University Research Fond


    Project: Research