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Michael Bonnerup Vigsø

PhD Student

Michael Bonnerup Vigsø
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Ph.D project description:
The project is carried out in close co-operation between Department of Engineering at Aarhus University, and the Danish Hydrocarbon Research and Technology Centre DHRTC, also called Centre for Oil and Gas – DTU.

As part of the National Strategy on Oil and Gas, the research centre has an ambitious, targeted effort to enable increased recovery of oil and gas from the Danish North Sea. As a part of this strategy, the Centre wants to undertake research to increase the structural integrity of existing offshore structures and at the same time to reduce maintenance cost. The Centre is therefore carrying out investigations on:

Indirect measurement of wave forces from abnormal and breaking waves that might lead to extreme load cases and ultimate failure of the platforms. The investigations are carried out mainly as in situ measurements on an offshore structure in the North Sea. Wave forces are planned to be measured indirectly from the response of the considered structure using state-of-the-art technologies like operational modal analysis, FEM updating and inverse filtering to estimate the forces. The surface elevation is measured by traditional techniques like wave buoy and LIDAR, and is complemented with data from detailed measurements and results of actual stress from other projects. The main goal of the project is to obtain new knowledge about the wave loads and statistics of abnormal waves.

Ph.D project title: InDirect Estimation of Loads from Abnormal Waves

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