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Micah Allen


  • Department of Clinical Medicine - Center of Functionally Integrative Neuroscience
  • Department of Clinical Medicine - Center of Functionally Integrative Neuroscience
Postal address:
Universitetsbyen 3
Aarhus C
Postal address:
Universitetsbyen 3
Universitetsbyen 3, 1710
Aarhus C

Email: micah@cfin.au.dk


What Might Interoceptive Inference Reveal about Consciousness?

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In the Body’s Eye: The computational anatomy of interoceptive inference

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Respiratory Rhythms of the Predictive Mind

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Recent insights into respiratory modulation of brain activity offer new perspectives on cognition and emotion

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The respiratory resistance sensitivity task: An automated method for quantifying respiratory interoception and metacognition

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The heart rate discrimination task: A psychophysical method to estimate the accuracy and precision of interoceptive beliefs

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The seductive allure of cargo cult computationalism

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True belief and the ramifications of introspection in scientific discovery

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Emotional metacognition: stimulus valence modulates cardiac arousal and metamemory

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Deeply felt affect: The emergence of valence in deep active inference

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Beyond labeled lines: A population coding account of the thermal grill illusion

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Hello, is that me you are looking for? A reexamination of the role of the DMN in social and self relevant aspects of off-task thought

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Raincloud plots: A multi-platform tool for robust data visualization [version 1; peer review: 2 approved]

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Quantitative MRI provides markers of intra-, inter-regional, and age-related differences in young adult cortical microstructure

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Human metacognition across domains: insights from individual differences and neuroimaging

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The foundation: Mechanism, prediction, and falsification in Bayesian enactivism: Comment on "Answering Schrödinger's question: A free-energy formulation" by Maxwell James Désormeau Ramstead et al

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The Brain Basis for Misophonia

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Anterior insula coordinates hierarchical processing of tactile mismatch responses

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Neurocognitive evidence for mental imagery-driven hypoalgesic and hyperalgesic pain regulation

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Sociocultural patterning of neural activity during self-reflection

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Mental Training and Neuroplasticity: Theoretical and Emperical Insights

Allen, M. G., 2013, Aarhus Universitet.

The balanced mind: the variability of task-unrelated thoughts predicts error monitoring

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Negative “gossip” stimuli modulate left-lateralized P1 component while viewing neutral faces.

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Consciousness, plasticity, and connectomics: the role of intersubjectivity in human cognition

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Early math achievement and functional connectivity in the fronto-parietal network (Journal)

Micah Galen Allen (Reviewer)


On the relationship between the “default mode network” and the “social brain” (Journal)

Micah Galen Allen (Reviewer)