Mette Duerlund Hansen

PhD Student

Mette Duerlund Hansen



PhD project: Post-ingestive Sensations in Healthy Eating behaviour
University: Aarhus University
Department: Department of Food Science – Food Quality Perception & Society
Main Supervisor: Derek Victor Byrne – Professor, Science Team Leader
Co-supervisor: Barbara Vad Andersen – Post Doctoral Researcher
Project term: 15-06-2017 – 14-06-2020
Master’s degree: MSc in Gastronomy and Health, University of Copenhagen


Project Background

Healthy living and healthy products have for many years been a great focus, not only from a nutritional point of view, but recently also from a more holistic view concerning health and wellbeing. The importance of “feeling good” for consumers’ overall acceptance of food is recognized within the scientific literature. Thus there is a need for the food industry and product developers to ask: How does a product make you feel?” Several studies suggest that the sensations that occur after intake of food, and the succeeding time are important for our overall appreciation and is believed to contribute to food satisfaction. The current approach in this PhD is concerned with these sensations, being physical sensations and mental well-being post intake, together with their dynamics over time.



The overall aim of this PhD project is to explore in depth the post-ingestive sensations that occur after eating and further relate these sensations to future eating behaviour. The project aims to identify relevant post-ingestive sensations and explore their dynamics over time. The work includes incorporation of different product categories and consumer groups that potentially elicit different directions within post-ingestive sensations and the effects for future food choice, intake, and behaviour.


Research Outline

The PhD Project will roll out in three phases seen as an organic process, where multiple factors, such as product- consumer- and context factors, can be explored under the same framework. The three phases will produce different outcomes, and together provide an overall understanding of the area. The three phases stand as following: Phase 1: Identification. Phase 2: Products and dynamics. Phase 3: Eating behaviour


Collaboration Partners

The PhD is associated with the Satiation Research Theme at AU FOOD, which includes the project OmniSam (The Omnibus Satiety Metric). OmniSam studies predictors of next meal intake through sensations related to satiation and satiety. The project’s main objective is to develop a multi-modal based metric of satiety that is predictive of future energy consumption. The partners in OmniSam includes AU FOOD, KU DRCMR, KU HEALTH, AU HEALTH, and is funded by ARLA Food for Health.

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