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Melanie Tietje

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Melanie Tietje


I am a quantitative ecologist interested in large-scale patterns of diversity, traits, extinction risk, today and also in deep time. As part of the Plant Evolution and Biodiversity lab at Aarhus University I work on tropical rain forest plant diversity in the TropiTol project (Explaining the biological hyperdiversity of Tropical rainforests using the Tree of Life). Questions in this project comprise the ecological and evolutionary determinants of species richness patterns, both spatially and temporally. Combining ecological and environmental data with a comprehensive plant phylogeny, we will explore the origins of tropical rainforest plant diversity.

In the past I`ve been working on traits that influence the extinction risk of marine invertebrates and also amphibians, combining paleontological and modern species data in these projects to bridge the gap between paleontology and conservation biology.

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