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Mélanie Lindbjerg Machado-Guichon

PhD Student, Research Assistant

Mélanie Lindbjerg Machado-Guichon


I am interested in the relationship between place (geographical spaces) and thought production. In my PhD project I explore this relationship by studing how Ghanaian intellectuals have conceptualised global inequality after independence (1957). In other words, my projekt seeks to unfold the intellectual history of global inequality in postcolonial Ghana. A central thesis of the project is thus that place and situatedness matters when it comes to people and their concepts, their expectations regarding the future, as well as their understandings of concepts such as (global) inequality. Here the positionality of actors also plays an important role. 

My PhD project is part of the research project 'An Intellectual History of Global Inequality, 1960-2015'.

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