Department of Political Science

Mathias Wessel Tromborg

Assistant Professor

Profile photoMathias Wessel Tromborg
Assistant Professor
Department of Political Science
Postal address:
Bartholins Allé 7
1340, 127
Aarhus C
Phone: +4587164325

Employment record

Assistant professor (Aarhus University) 2017-

Educational background

PhD in Political Science (Rice University) 2017

M.A. in Political Science (Rice University) 2015

M.A. in Political Science (University of Missouri-Columbia) 2012

B.A. in Political Science (Aarhus Universitet) 2010

Teaching and research areas

Parliamentary Democracies; Representation; Parties and Party Competition; Elite and Mass Behavior; Electoral Institutions.

Research outputs

Constituent demand and District: Focused Legislative representation

Tromborg, M. W. & Schwindt-Bayer, L., Feb 2019, In : Legislative Studies Quarterly. 44, 1, p. 35-64 30 p.

Candidate Nomination Rules and Party Leader Strategies

Tromborg, M. W., 2019, In : Party Politics.

Issue Salience and Candidate Position Taking in Parliamentary Parties

Tromborg, M. W., 2019, In : Political Studies. 67, 2, p. 307-325 19 p.

Pre-parliamentary party career and political representation

Binderkrantz, A. S., Kaldahl, M., Pedersen, H. H. & Tromborg, M. W., 2019, In : West European Politics.

Gamson’s Law and Voters’ Perceptions of Portfolio Allocation

Lin, N., Stevenson, R., Tromborg, M. W. & Fortunato, D., 2017, In : European Journal of Political Research. 56, 4, p. 912-940 29 p.

Voters, Responsibility Attribution and Support Parties in Parliamentary Democracies

Tromborg, M. W., Stevenson, R. & Fortunato, D., 2017, In : British Journal of Political Science. 1 p.

What's Information Got to Do With It? Third-Party Voting in Plurality Systems

Raymond, C. & Tromborg, M. W., 2016, In : Party Politics. 22, 4, p. 534-543 10 p.

Space Jam: Are Niche Parties Strategic or Looney?

Tromborg, M. W., 2015, In : Electoral Studies. 40, p. 189-199 11 p.

Bringing the Median Voter Back In: The Relationship Between Government Debt, Median Voter Preferences, and Welfare State Spending

Tromborg, M. W., 2014, In : Journal of European Social Policy. 24, 2, p. 107-121 15 p.