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Martin Vinæs Larsen

Ph.D., Associate Professor

Martin Vinæs Larsen


I am a political scientist who studies the politics of housing, urban development, and electoral accountability with a special interest in local government. I hold the position of Associate Professor at Aarhus University and have been awarded an ERC starting grant as well as a Semper Ardens: Accelerate grant.

My research delves into the political causes and consequences of the recent surge in housing prices in Europe and North America, which has led to an affordability crisis in some of the world's most productive cities. For instance, I have examined how increased inequality in housing prices can inform our understanding of the successes and failures of national governments, as well as the rise of right-wing populist parties. I am also exploring how jurisdiction size shapes the politics of land use by changing patterns of inter-jurisdictional competition, and why some places and people are more "nimby" than others - that is, why they are more or less likely to oppose new urban development projects.

Empirically, my work often focuses on local governments. I believe they are crucial to study, not only because they significantly impact citizens' everyday lives, but also because they serve as valuable laboratories for understanding national political phenomena. For example, I try to understand how extreme challenger parties attain executive power by studying local government formation in Denmark. As part of this project, I have built the most comprehensive database on local elections in Denmark with Jacob Nyrup.

My research has been published in prestigious journals such as the American Political Science Review, the Journal of Politics, and the British Journal of Politics.

For more information, see: martinvlarsen.com

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