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Martin Tang Sørensen

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Martin Tang Sørensen
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The research is within the areas of physiology of lactation, nutrition of pigs and reproduction.

In the area of lactation physiology, there are activities on both pigs and cattle. In pigs, focus is on feeding of gilts in a manner that preserves their potential for milk yield. In addition regression of non-used mammary glands in lactating sows is investigated in order to study the possibility for piglets to re-activate these glands in case of litter size adjustment. In cattle, we investigate factors affecting the number of mammary cells and the activity of these cells since these traits are very important for the milk producing capacity of a cow.  

A potential detrimental effect of plant growth regulators on animal and human fertility is often debated in the Danish public press. Together with other Danish research institutions, DIAS has initiated a project investigating whether addition of the plant growth regulator, Chlormequat to pig feed may adversely affect litter size and boar semen quality. Chlormequat is given in amounts that lie within the level allowed for human. DIAS is also host for an EU-project where wheat, sprayed in the field with CCC, is the main feed ingredient for pigs. In this project focus is on boar semen quality, since the male is more susceptible to environmental exposure than the female with regard to affects on fertility.


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