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Martin Lahn Henriksen

Assistant Professor

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Project description:
The Dreamwind project (Designing REcyclable Advanced Materials for WIND energy) works towards solving this challenge through development of new materials for high strength composites. Today, the high technological composite materials used in wind turbine blades pose the most substantial barrier for the realisation of an entire recyclable wind turbine production.

Therefore, the Dreamwind project works towards the development of new materials for high strength composites for the future use in wind turbine blades, allowing to disassemble the blades and reuse the components. Clearly, this is beneficial for our environment and society as new jobs will be generated through the entire life-cycle of the material. Furthermore, it will maintain Denmark as a pioneer country in the field of sustainable and innovative production.

Project title: Designing recyclable advanced materials for wind energy (DREAMWIND)

Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Mogens Hinge

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