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Martin Krøyer Rasmussen

Associate Professor, Tenure Track

Martin Krøyer Rasmussen
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Research areas:

• Research in food-drug interactions. Especially focusing on the effects of various plant compounds on the regulation of the cytochrome p450 enzymes system in hepatocytes. Research in the mechanisms behind the effect of energy status (e.g. fasting or periods of high fat dieting) on the cytochrome p450’s are also included.
• Research in various model for digestion, metabolism and absorption and the characterization of pigs as a model for humans. Especially focusing on hepatocytes from pigs as a model-system for humans and the mapping of expression and activity of the cytochrome p450’s in different pig-breeds.



  • Effect of secondary plant metabolites, steroids and other endogene compounds on regulation of Cytochrome P450 in the liver.
  • The influence of Cytochrome P450 on detoxification and boar taint


  • M.Sc. in Biology
  • PhD in Food Science

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