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Marit-Solveig Seidenkrantz


Curriculum Vitae

M-S Seidenkrantz is a marine geologist specialized in the past ocean and climate changes, in particular ocean circulation and ocean-atmosphere-ice interaction. She is an expert in paleoclimate reconstructions based on micropaleontology and multi proxy analyses of marine sedimentary records. Her primary focus is on deciphering the processes driving climate variability, in particular ocean circulation and ocean-atmosphere interaction, the dynamics of decadal to millennial-scale climate variability, Arctic sea-ice variability and testing the linkages between climate and external forcing vs internal variability. She has significant experience as project leader, extensive administrative experience, and a large international network.


Place of work: Department of Geoscience, Aarhus University, Høegh-Guldbergs Gade 2, 8000 Aarhus C, Denmark. '+45 87156441; +45 2778 2897; Email: mss@geo.au.dk


Studies and scientific degree: Ph.D. in Natural Sciences from Aarhus University (Nov 1992). M.Sc. in Geology from Aarhus University (1989).


Further education: Course as professional research leader (provider: ‘4Improve’; 2011). Course in professional leadership (provider: ‘Lead2Learn’; 2010-2011). Participating in course series on EU applications and (funding) administration (2010-2013). Safety at Sea (2007, 2014); Advanced First Aid (2017).


Professional employment

2013-          Professor (full), Department of Geoscience, Aarhus University (AU)

2012-          Affiliated Arctic Research Centre (ARC), Aarhus University.

2011-2014  Section head for Past Climate and Ocean Systems, Department of Geoscience, AU.

2009-2013  Associate professor with special qualifications (msk), Dept. of Earth Sciences, AU.

2001-2009  Associate professor, Department of Earth Sciences, AU.

1996-2000  Associate research professor, Dept. of Earth Sciences, AU.

1995           Postdoctoral fellow, Université de Bordeaux I, France.

1993-1994  Postdoctoral fellow, GEOTOP, Université du Québec à Montréal, Canada.


Awards      PhD scholarship (1989); postdoctoral fellowships (1993); Awarded the “Ole Rømer Grant” by the Danish Natural Science Research Council (1996). “Den Blå Bog” (2014-).


Research leadership, selected               

2018-          Vice chair of the Arctic Research Centre, Aarhus University.

2017-          Chair of Pillar 1, iClimate, Aarhus University Climate Centre.

2015-          Vice chair, steering committee, Villum Research Station, Station Nord.

2012-          Member of the core group for the ‘Arctic Research Centre’ (ARC), Aarhus University.

2010-2014   Work package leader of two (sub)WPs for the EU EP7 project ‘Past4Future’.

2009-          Initiator and Chair of ‘Centre for Past Climate Studies’.

2006-2009  Headed two initiatives for application to Danmarks Grundforskningsfond for a Centre of Excellence. Invited to submit a full application, deemed clearly fundable.

See also “Field work and Ship-board experience”.


Administrative leadership, selected

2017-          Member of the board of the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland.

2012-          Chairman of the Academic Council, Faculty of Sciences and Technology, Aarhus University; member since 2004.

2011-2015  Head of section for ‘Past Climate and Ocean Systems’, Dept. of Geoscience, AU.

2011-2015  Chairman of the Research Committee, Dept. of Geoscience, AU.

2010-          Member of Research Committee for the Natural History Museum and the State Library (now the Royal Library of Denmark).

2007-2010  Member of the Aarhus University Climate Panel.

2004-2006   Member of the Executive Committee, Dept. of Earth Sciences, AU.

2003-2006  Head of Marine Geology Section, Dept. of Earth Sciences, Aarhus University.


Field work and Ship-board and cruise leader experience: Overseeing drilling of the Anholt II and III boreholes, Anholt, Denmark (1990); seven weeks on field work studying the late Quaternary (Eemian to Holocene) on the Taymyr Peninsula, Arctic Siberia, Russia (1998).

Galathea 3 expedition Leg 16 (HMS Vædderen 2007, Caribbean); PI, cruise leader (RV Akademik Ioffe 2007, Newfoundland); Expedition member (RV Maria S. Merian2008, Labrador Sea); co-PI (RV Justo Sierra, 2011, Yucatan Strait, Gulf of Mexico); RV Dana teaching cruise 2012(PhD course; Reykjavik to Hirtshals); PI, cruise leader RV Sanna (2013, Nuuk); PI, cruise leaderMarine Geoscience teaching cruises RV Aurora, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017); PI, cruise leader RV Dana (2017, NE Greenland, 20 scientists).


Conferences, invited lectures etc.: Attended 80+ international conferences and meetings, some as invited keynote speaker incl. at the AGU. Invited lecturer at universities in Denmark, Germany, France, Canada, Italy and USA (total of 20-30 invited lectures). 200-300 conference presentations.


Current research support (PI or co-PI)

2018-2020  IceDynamO, The dynamics of sea ice variability – role of the oceans, Marie Curie Fellowship to Theodora Pados, Horizon2020; ca 1.600.000 dkk).

2017-2020  Sea-ice variability around Greenland (G-Ice) (Danish Council for Independent Research | Natural Sciences, FNU; 5.469.606 dkk).

2017-2019  Annual growth ring studies of climate and pollution changes in Greenland (AnnuCliP). (Science and Technology, Aarhus University; 496,000 DKK).

2016-2017  NorthGreen2017 expedition (Dansk Center for Havforskning, field work logistics; 2,804,000 DKK). + 950,000 DKK in co-funding from the Canadian Research Council.

Total funding since 1989: 45 mill DKK.


Community services:

Research Council membership, review panels service and application reviews

2017-          Member of the Norwegian Research Council (FRINATEK) granting committee.

2016, 2018  Member of evaluation panel, FCT - Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia, Portugal.

2015-2016  Member of evaluation panel, Beaumont Forum

2015, 2016  Member of evaluation panel, Norwegian Research Council

2015           Member of evaluation panel, Innovation Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, Spain

2005-2010  Member of the Danish Council for Independent Research | Natural Sciences.

2005-2008  Member of the Expert Panel for NordForsk, Nordic Council of Ministers.

Ad hoc reviewer of research-grant applications for NSF (USA), NERC (UK), Royal Academy (UK), Estonian Science Foundation, NOW (The Netherlands), Wallenberg Foundation (Sweden), DFG (Germany); Prestige programme, Marie Curie COFUND,  (France),

Evaluator, evaluation committee chairman/member for professorships, associate professorships and senior scientist positions in Denmark (AU, KU, GEUS) and Germany (AWI, Bremerhaven and IOW, Warnmünde).

Editorial work:

2017-          co-Chief Editor, Climate of the Past, Copernicus (https://www.climate-of-the-past.net/editorial_board.html).

2014-          Member of editorial board of Arctos, Springer.

2012-2013  Co-quest editor of special issue on palaeo sea-ice proxies in Quaternary Science Reviews.

Review activity (research papers): Ad hoc reviewer for international scientific journals: Arctic Antarctic and Alpine Research, Boreas; Bulletin of the Geological Society of Denmark; Bulletin of the Geological Society of Sweden; Bulletin of the Norwegian Geological Survey; Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences; Climate of the Past; Cushman Foundation for Foraminiferal Research; Deep-Sea Research Part I; Earth and Planetary Science Letters; Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems (G3); Geophysical Research Letters, Géographie Physique et Quaterinaire; Geologica Carpathica; Geological Survey of Canada; Geology; Geo-Marine Letters; Global and Planetary Change; Journal of Foraminiferal Research; Journal of Micropalaeontology; Journal of Quaternary Science; Lethaia; Marine Biology Research; Marine Micropalaeontology; Nature Communications; Nature Geoscience; Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimathology, Palaeoecology; Paleoceanography; Paleontology; Quaternary International; Quaternary Science Reviews; The Holocene; book chapters.

Opponent, external examiner of 8 PhD (Belgium, France, Norway, Spain, Sweden) and 15 MSc theses (Canada, Denmark, Norway). Regularly external evaluator for courses at the University of Copenhagen.

International research committees

2011-          Member of the MagellanPlus Steering Committee.

2010-2014  Danish representative for at the ESF COST Action programme INTIMATE (appointed ‘rapporteur’ by ESF; head of STSM grant evaluations for INTIMATE.

2010-          Danish representative at the Steering Committee of the Images2 marine coring programme.

2008-2011  Member of the MagellanSteering Committee, ESF

2008-          Danish representative in ESSAC Steering Committee, International Ocean Drilling Program (IODP).

2003-          Corresponding member of the International Quaternary Association (INQUA) Palaeoclimate Commission.

Conference organisation

2018    Convenor of sessions at the European Geoscience Union, Vienna, Austria, April

2018    Organiser of NorthGreen2017 workshop, Aarhus University, March 2018.

2018    Co-convenor of session at the Nordic Geological Winter Meeting, Copenhagen, January.

2017    Convenor of sessions at the European Geoscience Union, Vienna, Austria, April

2016    Co-organiser of workshop on the Labrador Sea-Baffin Bay, Aarhus University, June.

2016    Convenor/co-convenor of two sessions at the European Geoscience Union, Vienna, Austria, April.

2015    Convenor of session at the European Geoscience Union.

2015    Co-convenor of session at the INQUA conference, Nagoya, Japan.

2014    Convenor of session at the European Geoscience Union, Vienna, Austria, April

2013    Convenor of session at the European Geoscience Union, Vienna, Austria, April

2012    Organiser of IODP-ESSAC meeting at Aarhus University, May 29-June 1, 2012.

2012    Convenor of triple session at the European Geoscience Union, Vienna, Austria, April

2011    Convenor of double session at the European Geoscience Union, Vienna, Austria, April

2009    Co-organizer of the international ‘Beyond Kyoto’ conference, Aarhus University; Responsible for the scientific programme of Theme 6 ‘The Arctic’.



Courses: Course responsible and primary teacher for 4 BSc and MSc level courses: Climate through Earth’s history (MSc level course; 5 ECTS), Marine Geoscience (MSc level; 5 ECTS, in collaboration with University of Copenhagen); Palaeontology and Stratigraphy (BSc level, 5 ECTS); Geological climate and environmental reconstruction (BSc level, 10 ECTS). Ad-hoc courses for journalists and for archaeologist students. Ad-hoc courses in paleoclimate and palaeoceanography at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Supervision: Post-docs: 12. PhD: 1 on-going, 5 graduated; also currently co-supervisor for 2 external students (Germany, Canada) and 1 grad (DK). MSc: 17 grad., 4 on-going; co-superisor of additionally 25 MSc students (DK, Canada, Germany, France and Sweden). BSc: 24 grad, 1 current; co-supervisor of 1 BSc-student (Sweden). Individual 5-10 ECTS projects: 1 on-going, 17 finished; ERASMUS interns: 4 (3-6 months).

Mentoring: Currently officially, mentor for an early stage researcher from the Department of Environmental Science, Aarhus University. Previously: One person from Department of Bioscience, Aarhus University (now has a permanent position as Associate Professor).

Public outreach: A large number of lectures for the general public, interviews for TV, radio and newspapers. Written 32 public outreach papers as well as two science education papers.


Publications: ORCID: 0000-0002-1973-5969; ResearcherID: A-3451-2012

Web of Science H index = 27; >2100 citations; Scopus H=28, >2100 citations; Google Scholar H=34; >3100 citations, i10 = 66.



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