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Mario Martinez-Martinez

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Mario Martinez-Martinez
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Mario M. Martinez started his independent research career as Tenure-Track Assistant Professor at the University of Guelph (ON, Canada) in August 2017, where he was awarded the College of Engineering and Physical Science (CEPS) Assistant Professor Research Excellence Award for his outstanding research productivity in the fields of Food Engineering and Health-Promoting Compounds.

Mario Martinez joined Aarhus University in April 2020 and his research focuses on understanding the structure, hydrodynamics and interactions of carbohydrate polymers and food structures. His research program is centered on understanding carbohydrates and their interactions with polyphenolic compounds during food processing and digestion. He is also interested in new generation bio-refinery approaches of agricultural and aquatic biomass into biofunctional polymeric streams. In addition, he is interested in mesoscale food and bio-based food packaging structuring using edible plant compounds, such as starch and cell wall polysaccharides, and twin-screw extrusion technologies. For instance, Mario has provided key insights on starch structure-texture-digestion relationships, phenolic-carbohydrate interactions, shear-scission of glycosidic bonds, mesoscale structuring of plant foods, and the valorization of food and agricultural waste.

His multidisciplinary background brings together analytical methods in the fields of foodomics and biophysics, and twin-screw extrusion processing, providing break-through understanding in the development of sustainable foods, combined with future health based functionalities. This cross-disciplinary perspective will bring a new understanding to the areas of food and food packaging potentially making a major contribution to the global health crisis related to dietary non-communicable diseases and the elimination of fossil-fuel derived plastics.

The list of publications from Dr. Martinez until 2019 can be found in the following link. His publications from 2020 are listed in Research Outputs Section. 

Dr. Martinez is also adjunct Assistant Professor at the Whistler Center for Carbohydrate Research (Purdue University, IN, USA) and at the Department of Physics of the University of Guelph (ON, Canada).

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