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Marije Akkerman

PhD Student

Marije Akkerman


Title: Milk differentiation, including organics, with potentials outside the cool chain
University: Aarhus University
Department: Department of Food Science
Supervisor: Lotte Bach Larsen, phd., professor
Co-supervior: Nina Aagaard Poulsen, phd, Associate professor
External co-supervisor: John Sørensen, Arla Foods
Project term: 01012016-31122018
Master’s degree: MSc in Molecular Nutrition and Food Technology, Aarhus University



During the recent years, the interest and demand for organic food, and thereby organic dairy products, has increased. This gives new opportunities for development of processed dairy products from organic milk. Such new markets include UHT and lactose reduced products with potentials outside the cool chain, but also dairy products exploiting the natural variations in milk composition for new products with high trustworthiness and convenience.

Quality and stability of UHT milk is increasingly being linked to not only the microbiological quality of the milk used, but also to the raw milk quality and composition has been found to have impact on UHT stability. 



The aim of this project is to gain knowledge on relationships between management systems, specially feeding, and the milk composition, in relation to pH, calcium, organic acids – including citrate, as well as looking at urea and its effect on protein denaturation.  This will be used to establish knowledge upon milk functionality, especially in relation to heat- and storage stability of UHT milk.


Research outline

Variations in citrate, Ca distribution, urea and milk pH will be studied in relation to herd management, specially in relation to feeding and organic production schemes. Further, its influence on milk stability is measured (ex. micelle size and zeta potential, heat stability, ethanol stability, degree of whey protein denaturation, aggregate formation, coagulation properties, level of proteolysis). Model studies of variations in these components will be made and their influence on milk stability and properties will be studied. 



Arla Foods amba, ASIC, Brabrand


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