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Marie Louise Tørring

Associate professor, research programme director

Marie Louise Tørring
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I am an associate professor and director of the Research Programme of Anthropology at Aarhus University.

My research interests encompass anthropology and epidemiology, focusing primarily on conventional biomedicine in Western societies and with an emphasis on vaccination, cancer diagnostics, and pain management. As an epidemiologist, I have contributed to the development of new methods for analysing the relationship between waiting time and cancer survival, leading two international research collaborations. As an anthropologist, I am particularly interested in how prevalent diseases shape the experience of illness and the organisation of the healthcare system. Together with my colleague, Rikke Sand Andersen, I have edited the book Cancer Entangled exploring 'life before cancer' and how people experience and cope with cancer suspicion in contemporary Denmark. At present, I am steering an interdisciplinary research project aimed at studying the phenomenon of "stimulated reporting" and how new digital technologies shape citizens’ reporting of side effects after vaccination.

I hold several roles at the Department of Anthropology: As research programme director, I am committed to supporting a thriving research environment and building collective expertise, collaboration, and visibility necessary to secure funding and recognition both nationally and internationally. As academic coordinator for the Master’s Degree Programme in the Anthropology of Health, I am dedicated to communicating anthropology and ethnographic methodology to healthcare professionals. I supervise thesis students in general anthropology, medical anthropology, human security and public health. I am happy to advise on the use of both qualitative and quantitative methods.

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