Marianne Thomsen


Key qualifications 
 Quantitative Structure Activity Relationships (QSARs), model development; calibration and validation. QSARs focus on ecotoxicological and environmental fate related endpoints for use in risk assessment or evaluation of relative risks.
 Development, evaluation and validation of models for use in risk assessment of chemicals. Models may be chemical-specific or population-focussed.
 Calculation of semi-empirical and empirical descriptors quatifying molecular structural and electronic properties.
 Classical statistics and Multivariate data analysis / Chemometrics (Pattern Recognition, PCA, PLS, N-PLS, PARAFAC, Tucker)
 Interdisciplinary risik analysis with focus on uncertaintybudgets and types of uncertainty. Deterministisk and probabilistisk model calculations, Monte Carlo calculations.
 Applied Data analysis and Decision Support Systems based on partial ranking theory


Project manager for the following project(s):
 EU-FP6: ALARM - Assessing LArge-scale env. Risk