Marianne Hokland

Associate professor

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Marianne Hokland

Associate professor

  • Department of Biomedicine - Forskning og uddannelse, Skou-bygningen
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Høegh-Guldbergs Gade 10
1115, 224
Aarhus C


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Curriculum Vitae

Born (18.06.) in Aarhus, Denmark

Married 1974 to Peter Hokland (professor DMSc)

Professionel career

1971:Mat/fys high school graduation, Amtsgymnasiet in Risskov, DK

1978:Graduation from Medical School University of Aarhus, DK

1985:Assoc. Prof. Dept. Med. Microbiol. & Immunol., University of Aarhus, DK

Research appointments
1975-78: Student research in immunology, Dept. Med. Microbiology, University of Aarhus, DK

1979Research Fellow at the Basel Inst. for Immunol., Basel, CH

1978-81: Research assistant, Dept. Medical Microbiology, University of Aarhus, DK

1981-82: Research Fellow in Pathology, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA

1982-85: Senior Research Fellow, Dept. Medical Microbiology, University of Aarhus, DK

1985 - Assoc prof at the Dept Med Microbiol & Immunol, University of Aarhus, DK
Scientific degree

1985: DMSc on the dissertation entitled: ”Immunodulatory effects of interferon with special reference to cell surface antigens.”, University of Aarhus


1978MD authorization

1985Authorization to perform experiments involving radioactive materials (S1)

1994Authorization to perform animal experimentations


1986 - 98Member of the Board of The Danish Society for Immunology (1997-98, president)

1986 - 95Head of the Safety Committee at the Bartholin Building

1988 - 94Head of Dept Lab Reagents at The Faculty of Health, University of Aarhus

1992 -Head of the Safety Committee at The Faculty of Health, University of Aarhus

1992 -Member of the General board of Safety affairs, University of Aarhus

1996 - 05Member of the General Committee of Medical University Teachers (MULF)

2001 - 05Member of the Scientific Board of t-cellic A/S

2004Organizer of the 20th International Natural Killer Cell Workshop

2007 - 10Appointed member "The Danish Council for Independent Research | Medical Sciences

2010 - Appointed member of the Appeals Board for Higher Education

2010 - 12Appointed member of "The Danish Council for Independent Research I Medical Sciences

2010 - 12Member of the Executive Committee for "The Danish Council for Independent Research | Medical Sciences"


1979 - :Teaching and examination of medical students in microbiology and immunology (lectures, seminars, lab experimentation, symposia)

1982 - :Courses in general immunology for medical students

1995 -PhD courses and qualifying university courses in Basic Flow Cytometry

Supervision of research year-, bachelor-, masters-, PhD and doctoral students at the Faculty of Health and Faculty of Sciences, University of Aarhus within the areas of cell biology (NK-, T- and dendritic cells), general immunology (characterization of signaling molecules/cytokines), cancer immunology, viral immune responses (herpesvirus), immunotherapy and animal models in cancer and virus diseases.

Students who received their PhD degree within the last year (main supervisor):

MS PhD Christian Kanstrup Holm: IL21 expression during virus infections

MS PhD Line Petersen: Undersøgelse af NK celle medieret immunitet ved reaktivering af HCMV infection hos patienter med leukæmi I intensive immunsupprimerende behandling

MS PhD Charlotte Christie Petersen: Undersøgelse af T celle medieret immunitet ved reaktivering af HCMV infection hos patienter med leukæmi I intensive immunsupprimerende behandling

Students (main supervisor)

PhD student Eduardo Vazquez Garza: Multiparameter flow cytometry for monitoring proliferating malignant cell subsets in CFSE-labeled long-time cultures

Research Year Medical Student Signe Wolff: Modulatory effects of malignant B lymphocytes on antibody mediated NK functionality in B-CLL patients – with reference to the impact of IL21

PhD student Torben Schmidt Hansen: Evaluering af den immunmodulerende effekt af kombinationsbehandling med IFNα/IL2 og angiogenesehæmmer hos patienter med metastaserende renalcelle carcinom

Research year student Linda Bennetzen: NK mediated immune regulation in colorectal cancer
Bachelor student (Molecular Medicine) Sofie Selmer Andersen: Establishing a new method for detecting receptor-ligand interactions

Masters student (Molecular Medicine) My Tran: Establishing 3D culture for analyzing tumor cell-macrophage interactions with special focus on M2 macrophage effect on malignant melanoma

Masters student (Molecular Medicine) Jacob Vemb: The impact of monocytes and early M-CSF differentiated monocytes on renal cell carcinoma survival and proliferation

Students (co-supervisor):

PhD student Gitte Quist Christiansen: Anvendelse af membranreceptoren CD163 som mål for cytostatika behandling af monocytære cancerformer – herunder AML

Præsentation at National and Internal Meetings:
➢150 oral- or poster præsentations

Invited speaker

1983 - : Invited speaker to national- and international meetings on immunology, especially the natural killer cell system and adoptive immunotherapy in cancer