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Marcus Lee Naldal

PhD Student, Research Fellow

Marcus Lee Naldal


Historian of ideas and science (M.Sc.) and my research centres on cultural studies of the physical sciences with peer-reviewed publications on climate expeditions (2021), Gender (2020), and nationalistic commemorations (2020).

Currently part of the Velux-funded project "The Rise of science and Fiction during the Danish Enlightenment". My Ph.D.-project investigates the fictionality of facts and genre framing in science textbooks in the 18th century.

The project expands my expertise on Danish science textbooks with previous projects on the emergence of university chemistry textbooks in the 19th century and the introduction of atomic theory in 20th century high school textbooks.

I am broadly interested in science communication (incl. art/science, exhibition research, and sci.com. as culture). Exhibition work is part of the Velux-project and will extend my experience from the Danish Museum for the history of Science, The Steno Museum (AU).

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