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Malou Juelskjær

Associate Professor

Malou Juelskjær
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Malou Juelskjær was part of the COST netværket "New Materialism. Networking European Scholarship on 'How matter comes to matter'". http://newmaterialism.eu/the-groups/working-group-1

Core competencies

· Social psychological research, educational studies

· Architecture as management in professionally organised contexts/educational contexts

· Socio-cultural formation in municipal primary and lower secondary schools

· Management and subjectivity. Socio-cultural diversity.

· Subjectification, intersectionality, "Psy-management"

· Spatiality, temporality, body, learning

· Post-social constructionism, new-materialism, post-structuralism, cultural geography, psychology, educational theory/learning

                    · Qualitative participant observations, interviews, dialogue settings.


Malou Juelskjær is associate professor in social psychology

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